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Our company is dedicated to help accelerate the growth and success of Pennsylvania businesses by helping you receive cash for any transferable tax credit.


We strive to make the tax credit buying and selling process as easy for our clients as possible. When you're ready to start saving money with tax credits, follow this simple process. We'll be there to help you along the way!

  • Contact our office for a FREE consultation

  • Determine the terms of your representation and sign an agreement

  • Prepare the application forms with our assistance

  • Allow us to sell your credit for the highest possible price

  • Receive your money

Contact us today for details or with any questions you may have about the many tax credit and incentive programs. 

Through our expertise in the process of selling tax credits, you’ll receive:

  • A free consultation to determine all programs you’re eligible for

  • Assistance with the application process to ensure you have the strongest application possible 

  • Access to our network of eager buyers competing to help maximize the purchase price of your credit

  • Access to financing through banking relationships and other investors to help you leverage your tax credits beyond the initial funds.

Financial District

On your behalf, we will:

  • Remain in consistent communication with state officials to ensure the elimination of any issues

  • Secure your money in an attorney-held escrow account until the credit transfer is complete

Accounting Tasks

Did we mention you

pay no out-of-pocket expenses with us!? All fees are


Customer Reviews

Rachelle at KIZ Resources was a pleasure to work with. Her experience and attention to detail took the time consuming and arduous KIZ application process and turned it into an exciting time for our company. The KIZ program greatly assisted our company and the support we received from KIZ Resources ensured that we stayed in compliance with the program requirements and effortlessly capitalized on our assigned credits. Most importantly, KIZ Resources saved us time which is obviously irreplaceable. Thank you Rachelle and thank you KIZ Resources!

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