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Growth Capital


KIZ Resources partners with economic development agencies, angel networks, and financial institutions throughout Pennsylvania to help companies meet their funding needs. These relationships can allow you to leverage your tax credits further and gain access to other funding sources. Our knowledge of these diverse strategies as well as our experience will help support your growth no matter the stage of your business.

Tax Credit Services


KIZ Resources offers a number of services related to tax credits. Whether you’re in agriculture, manufacturing, economic development, film, or other industries, there’s a tax credit available for nearly all projects. We’ll assist with all aspects of the process from determining what you qualify for, to applying for the credits, to assisting in figuring out how to use your credits. We strive to make this process as simple as possible for our clients, and we’re committed to helping in any way we can.

Through our expertise in the process of selling tax credits, you’ll receive:

  • A free consultation to determine all programs you’re eligible for

  • Assistance with the application process to ensure you have the strongest application possible

  • Access to our network of eager buyers competing to help maximize the purchase price of your credit

  • Access to financing through banking relationships and other investors to help you leverage your tax credits beyond the initial funds.

On your behalf, we will:

  • Remain in frequent communication with state officials to ensure the elimination of any issues

  • Secure your money in an attorney-held escrow account until the credit transfer is complete

Did we mention you pay no out-of-pocket expenses with us!?

All fees are success-based.

Community Development


KIZ Resources works throughout Pennsylvania to improve local economic opportunities, which results in stronger neighborhoods with an emphasis on quality growth and development for citizens. Our goal is to provide education and training on available programs to entrepreneurs and other businesses who can make this type of growth and development possible. Along with educating local businesses, we offer Continuing Education Credits (CPE) for CPA’s through our seminars and webinars.

KIZ Resources is proud to play an active role in community development. We use our expertise to assist with various program applications, as well as volunteer our time and efforts to the local community. We regularly contribute to organizations by donating through the EITC and NAP programs.

Human Resource Services

Many small to mid-sized businesses lack in-house HR counsel, which is a necessary resource in today’s business environment. In our effort to help our clients in whatever way we can, KIZ Resources has begun offering HR services to bridge the gap between having no in-house counsel and having to pay the high prices of going straight to an attorney for advice on HR topics. Below is our list of services:

  • Preparing for Employees
    - Creating policies/handbooks 
    - Setting up payroll

  • Searching for Employees
    - Writing job descriptions
    - Advertising positions
    - Setting up benefits packages
    - Preparing for interviews
    - Evaluating candidates

  • Hiring and Onboarding Employees
    - Work Opportunity Tax Credit
    - Completing new hire paperwork

  • Managing and Retaining Employees
    - Developing employee recognition programs
    - Managing unemployment claims
    - Safety and training program documentation
    - Consult for employee issues/legal questions
    - Assist with off-boarding and firing employees

  • Navigating COVID-19 Requirements and Regulations

For more information, contact Tori Montler at


KIZ Resources strives to provide you with superior service for all of your financing needs.

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