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Don’t qualify for these credits? Buyers can purchase tax credits at a discount of 5-10%. Use these credits to reduce current and future Pennsylvania tax burden.

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Available Programs:
Research and Development Tax Credit Program

The Research and Development Program was established to assist the growth and development of technology-oriented businesses, particularly small, start-up tech businesses.

Any company with qualifying R&D expenditures can apply for these tax credits.

Qualifying Expenditures:

  • In-house research expenses
    • Direct supervision or support
    • Engaging in research
    • Land or land improvements
    • Property of depreciable object
    • Wages
  • Contracted Research expenses
    • 65% of amount paid
    • Prepaid amounts
    • Certain research adds 75% of the amount paid

There is no individual cap for these credits. This year, $20 million tax credits are available, which will be prorated among all applicants, with approximately $4 million specifically for small businesses. Small businesses are defined as companies whose total assets are worth less than $5 million.

Applications are due September 15 of each year
Program Guidelines
Sell beginning December 15 of following year

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